This week is also two projects in one. The first designed piece is an extension of an ad campaign. After I created the new advertisement I also went in and created a slide design showing the main categories of the original ads and then compared it to mine. The company that created this ad is Adidas. I have known many of their advertisements but this campaign is more geared towards the cricket community. It felt fresh and something new and I was excited to recreate it when a lot of people haven’t.

Target Audience

My audience is from the ages of 15-35 males. The location is mainly India and surrounding countries that also enjoy the sport, cricket. The ad campaign I am recreating has a hashtag and it is, #feelloveusehate. The message of this is to use love to fuel your passions and use hate as a drive. In sports and life, you will have people who love you and some who hate you. You should use both to get you to the top.


Slide Design Analysis

Main design decisions

For the main thing, you see in my slides is almost a big black shape cut up a little. I went with this because of three reasons. The first reason is that it mimics the shape of the Adidas logo. Secondly, I liked how it broke up the page into big, medium, small shapes. Lastly, I really liked how I could make a contrast with the Title page. I got to separate the words “feel love” and “use hate”.

Principles of design

Every single slide has the same background. With the exception of the very last page; However, it is the Adidas logo large and that was the inspiration for the background. The two main colors are black and white and you can not get more contrast than that. It goes well with the difference between love and hate. As I talked about before, the pages are split into big, medium, and small shapes.


I stuck with the san serif font. Then from there, I varied the size and colors and also if it was bold or not.


I was going to use more of a dark blue background but I kept going back to black. Adidas has a very black and white logo and it is strong. I wanted to keep those principles in the slides. I then added the blue because it looked nice against the black and it was also a color used in the design.


Overall I think both the designs are strong. They are also very cohesive. It was fun to go more into depth and use some elements that the company is established I also got to learn more about cricket while doing research on this campaign. Turns out that the face of this campaign is Virat Kohli who is in the latest Forbes world’s 100 highest paid athletes in the world.


Photography Attribution

Photograph of Virat Kohli (click on photograph for original source)

Borrowed  Adidas logo from Adidas.



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