For some odd reason while I am doing homework or working forty hour weeks I wish I could be in Hawaii instead of at a desk. It is calming and smells fresh. For this advertisement, we used a random generator that would pick our product and our target audience. My product was an air freshener. Keep reading to see my process and final advertisement.

Target Audience

As I just told you, the product I received was an air freshener. I was required to target females that were between the ages 25 and 34. These women are single and have their bachelors. They make around $40,000 to $59,000. Usually, women this age are online and involved. My audience usually sees advertisements through Blogs and Social Media.

I wanted to make this design appeal to them in a way they can relate to. I figured these women are on their computer working a lot. I put the air freshener next to the computer with the burst of smell coming out of it. The burst of smell also makes up a sunset on a beach which can say that the smell of the air freshener takes them to that destination. Letting them enjoy working since they can’t be on vacation all the time.







Design Analysis

My main design decision was to have a cohesive color palette. I went off the Hawaii Bottle that had Black and mainly yellows and orange. It also had a sunset on the bottle and I wanted to bring it out of the bottle and into the air. Then I made sure to place my items within the rules of thirds. The edges of the computer are along the lines as well as the air freshener. I used three different fonts in my design. I used Baskerville as a serif font. Under that, I used Avenir Next as a san serif font to have contrast. I wanted “Get Away” to stand out and be loose. I chose a font I found awhile ago called The Woodlands. It is a cursive font that is relaxing and appeals to this audience. Photography really enhanced the smell coming out of the bottle. If it was just a plain orange, it would look completely different. By adding the picture and then putting a mask on it, it gave more depth and a sense of what it smells like.


The photograph of the air freshener was borrowed from the dollar store.

Here is the link:

The photograph of the computer and sunset were retrieved from for free.



Overall This advertisement appeals to its audience. It is hitting their everyday lifestyle and the product is something that many women will buy because they like things to smell good. If the audience was supposed to be for males, then this advertisement would have been designed completely different. It is very important to know who you are targeting and attract them.



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