This week we will be focusing on photographs. Some of my personal favorite photographers are the Devine’s. Brad and Hailey Devine are a young married couple that lives in Utah and they have two daughters. Overall I am going to pick a few photographs they took that demonstrate 3 different principles. The principles are Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Depth of Field. I will also show some pictures I took to demonstrate it as well. 

Rule of Thirds

First, we will meet Hailey and Lucy. A lot of there photographs are placed on their Instagram. Hailey’s Instagram name is @haileydevine. They usually brand themselves but also offer many services between photos and videos. This picture there is the use of the Rule of Thirds. The lines of the book shelves are exactly in line with the thirds. Going vertical Hailey and Lucy are placed in the lines as well.

Rule of Thirds Everyday Life

Today you are going to meet one of my family members, my brother. He is my model for this post. This picture he was cutting some smoked cheese. This is Rule of Thirds. The back counter top lines up. Aaron, my brother, head, and body are in the lines as well.

Depth of Field

Another picture of Hailey. This time this was from their trip to Japan they took. They took this trip to film videos in Japan for Japan. They pretty much show people how cool it is there so Japan could get more visitors. Hailey is drinking milk in the front plane of the field. Behind her is a wall with Japanese letters. This background field is blurred and separated from her. This gives the feeling of depth more than if the background was not blurred.

Depth of Field Everyday Life

That cheese made Aaron thirsty so he needed a drink of Sprite. This is almost replicating Hailey’s milk picture. Aaron is in the front plane, while the background in blurred and you can tell it is on a different field.

Leading Lines

Now it is time to meet the other half of the Devine Family. Brad and Greta. Brad is British and has an awesome ancient. Greta is on his shoulders and is a happy baby. The main focus is this cute father and daughter. However, the things in the background are helping with at focal point. You have the lines from the road that lead to them. Also the horizon line in running between them. There is also the fence and also the dirt path on the right. All these lines lead the eye into paint focus point.

Leading Lines Everyday Life

Now Aaron is looking out the window to see if anyone wants any cheese and Sprite. The lines in this picture are the lines of the blinds. Every line is leading into Aaron. It draws your eyes to him. It is forcing you to look at that face.


As you can tell these principles can be used in professional and everyday life. Whether it is your Instagram or just a random picture. You can see that the better quality and stronger principles work better than rather than just a simple picture. Knowing this you can make your own photography better.


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