Today I am going to review a poster that was done by Nike, in honor of the Breaking 2 race that happened this morning in Italy. Now a little background on the Breaking2 race. On May 6, 2017, in Monza, Italy, 3 runners attempted to run a marathon under 2 hours. To put in perspective that would mean the runners would have to run a mile in 4 minutes and 58 seconds, for 26 miles straight, plus another lap around a track. Nike and the runners have been working on this marathon since 2014 trying to get everything perfect. The fastest runner almost beat the clock running a 2:00:25 marathon. Which would equal about a second too long on each mile. Sadly, they did not make their goal, but I still find it amazing how fast that really is.

Onto a different side of the company, the advertising. I personally believe that Nike does an amazing job with advertising just as well has it does in making some of the top athletic gear. Now we are going to dive into one of the Nike Posters and see why it works. This poster is one of the products of the “Make Yourself” campaign. This campaign included seven women athletes because the focus of the operation was to help women to “achieve their goals and become the best ‘versions’ of themselves.”


1st Type Face

The dominant font is san serif. As you can see the font has no thick or thin strokes in it. All parts of the letters are the same width. The ends of the letters do not have serifs, which makes this font san serif. The san serif is also located at the bottom right corner of the poster. The size of the font is smaller. By using a font that does not have thick and thin strokes, it does not let the letter disappear. If you go to small with a serif font, then you have the possibility that the serifs get too small and not visible. San Serif was a great choice to keep all the information legible.


2nd Type Face

In this design, there is only one word that is classified as decorative. Let us take a close look. Did you find it yet? Yes, it is the word “fit”. Now how hard was that? Since it is a decorative font it was probably really easy to tell. At the base of the font it is leaning towards being a san serif font; However, the edges of the font are not solid. It looks like it was made by paint and a brush. Since this font is used sparingly, it works well and adds some variety to the composition.



Between the fonts, there are a few elements that were different. With the san serif the edges are sharp and the same size. Compared to the decorative font which varies with the width and is smaller at the ends of the strokes and varies between the end of it.



A lot of times san serif fonts are used for headlines because they are bold and thick. Combining the boldness and the scale creates an intense and important message. It grabs the attention of the view and brings them in. With the decorative word “fit” it gives some character to the word. It could take the word fit into being tough and rugged. Another was it could be interpreted is by saying it feels worn out as if it had given it 100% effort. There is also the point where it keeps it a little separate from the “make yourself” phrase. In this campaign, they used the last word as a fill in the blank. This way they could add whatever word they wanted and continually change it or have it fit any situation. It gives the phrase variety.


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